Expanded functionality of the public services portal «Gosuslugi.ru»

Expanded functionality of the 
public services portal 

Author: Ruzanna Avagyan - legal assistant GRATA International St. Petersburg.

The portal of public services of the Russian Federation began its work in 2009. According to the Ministry of communications, as of April 2019, 86.5 million Russians are registered on the portal.

More than 300 services are available online and the list of features is updated regularly. On November 18, 2019, the Russian government expanded the functionality of the portal.

Now through the «single digital window" you can submit proposals, applications and complaints to state and local authorities, as well as their subordinate organizations. For consideration of messages and appeals using the Portal of public services it is planned to organize:

  • submission by applicants in electronic form of messages or appeals directly using the Portal of public services or other portals, sites that host the form of the portal of public services for submission of messages or appeals;
  • receipt by applicants of information on the course of consideration of messages, appeals submitted electronically through the portal;
  • receipt by applicants of results of consideration of messages, addresses in electronic form, including possibility of storage of results in the form of electronic documents.

Additional features are also provided:

  • monitoring, analysis and processing of information by the operator of the Single portal, public authorities and other organizations performing publicly significant functions of consideration of applications of applicants, as well as publicly available information posted by applicants on the Internet, including social networks and instant messaging services, related to the performance of such bodies and organizations powers (functions) in the established field of activity;
  • access of applicants using the unified personal account subsystem to information on the course of consideration of messages, appeals, results of consideration and history of submitted messages, appeals;
  • identification of applicants ' opinions in the activities of state and local authorities local self-government bodies, state and municipal institutions, other organizations performing socially significant functions, and their officials exercise powers (in the exercise of functions) in the established field of activity, including by conducting surveys and voting, and have the opportunity to monitor and analyze the results of identifying the opinions of applicants.

In addition, it was decided to create new services that will ensure the provision of state and municipal services on an initiative basis-by notifying persons registered in the unified identification and authentication system about the possibility of applying for state and municipal services provided in electronic form using a Single portal.

As well as the possibility of carrying out legally significant actions through the portal of public services, including transactions, by creating electronic documents, signing them using an electronic signature and sending them to third parties, including the possibility of multilateral signing.