Excise tax increase in Uzbekistan

Excise tax increase in Uzbekistan

In addition to the previously planned increase of excise duty for alcohol and tobacco products, in accordance with the Decree of the President of Uzbekistan dated 26 September, 2019 No.UP-5837 “On measures for further improvement of tax policy of the Republic of Uzbekistan” rates for oil products, gas, mobile communications and polyethylene granules will increase.

In July, it was announced that excise tax rates on alcohol and tobacco products of local production would increase from 1 October. It was decided to raise the excise tax on alcohol by an average of 10%, on cigarettes by 20%. However, there have been made adjustments for specific products.

Thus, in relation to current rates, excise taxes on vodka are indexed by 16%, on beer by 15.2%, on tobacco products by 20.05%. The indexation of excise taxes on alcohol, wine and cognac were not reviewed.

But besides this, from 1 October, a number of other excise taxes on products manufactured in the country will also increase; in particular, significantly for petroleum products, less radically for natural and liquefied gas, mobile communications and polyethylene granules.

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