Easier certifications rules are introduced

Easier certifications rules are 

Easier certifications rules are introduced

Long can we talk about the innovations of the Decree No. 7. In this month we would like to describe the simplified certification procedure for works and goods, as the new documents in this sphere were adopted in March. They are not fundamental, however, they make the procedure easier, more comfortable for the applicant.

Firstly, it will be easier to perform the repetitive certification. In case it is performed within 6 months from the previous one the certifying body will review the documents partially. And if the organization has the certified quality management system the competence of the personnel will not be reviewed as well.

Secondly, it will not be necessary to provide the tests protocols, special permits, quality approval letters of the producers etc. Unfortunately, it is still necessary to obtain the test protocols. But now you can apply to the certification body first, and then obtain the protocols at the same time when performing the certification procedure. So your time expenditures for the certification will reduce.

By the way, the Ministry of architecture and construction has developed the recommendations for the certification for the construction organizations and producers of construction materials. They are available here (Russian only).

Regulation of State committee on standardization of the Republic of Belarus dated 25.07.2017 No. 61 “On the approval of the Regulations on the approval of compliance of the national compliance approval system of the Republic of Belarus”