Draft law on toll roads has been published for discussion

Draft law on toll roads has been published for discussion

The draft law regulates relationship in the field of construction, maintenance and operation of toll roads. The State Highway Committee introduced a proposal for the regulation of toll roads in Uzbekistan.

According to the draft law, toll roads can be built at the expense of the Republican budget and local government budgets, own or borrowed funds of individuals and legal entities or on the basis of PPP.

Nevertheless, a prerequisite for the organisation of toll roads is the provision of alternative free travel on the existing public road.

The length of the alternative free road shall not exceed the length of the toll road in more that than three times.

The amount of fee for the usage of toll roads may differentiate for various categories of vehicles depending on the time of day, the day of the week or month of the year.

The draft law is under consideration; proposals can be made until March 29. The draft law is available at - https://regulation.gov.uz/ru/document/2787.

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