Deputies adopted 7 draft laws in the first reading

Deputies adopted 7 draft laws in the first reading

At the plenary meeting of the Legislative Chamber, the deputies adopted an extensive list of draft laws in the first reading.

 Among the amendments, the following draft laws were brought up for discussion:

  • “On innovative activity”. In order to develop economic and social sectors, it was decided to adopt a document similar to the law regulating innovation in developed countries. The draft law aims to regulate the issues of transfer, the development and commercialization of the results of scientific, technical and innovative activities;
  • "On geodetic and cartographic activities". In essence, the draft law will be a new edition of the law “On Geodesy and Cartography” of 1997. Among other things, concepts such as ICT and digital technologies are introduced for using satellite systems, as well as the principles of maintaining a cadaster of cartography and geodesy. In general, the draft law excludes reference rules and includes an additional 33 articles and 12 adjustments.

It is also important to note the following draft amendments, such as:

  • The possibility of importing without registration medical devices used in the diagnosis and treatment of rare (orphan) diseases, as well as drugs and medical devices imported by the Ministry of Health for the diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases in the event of an epidemiological situation being considered to have developed. These amendments are planned to be reflected in the Law “On Medicines and Pharmaceutical Activities”;
  • A number of legislative acts aimed at implementing the Law “On the chamber of accounts of the Republic of Uzbekistan”;
  • It is planned to simplify the procedure for issuing corporate securities. This financial instrument will become available to a broader range of entities, including LLC. At the same time, the Tax Code has a new chapter on the specifics of the taxation of holdings;
  • It is planned to provide agricultural land and forest fund lands that have left agricultural turnover under an investment agreement or PPP. This procedure will be available to citizens of Uzbekistan, agricultural enterprises and investors for a period of 3 to 49 years;
  • Additionally, subleasing leased land or part thereof will be allowed. The land plot of the dekhkan farm or part of it will be possible to lease to legal entities and individuals with the preservation of the right of inherited tenure for life;


It is planned to introduce administrative responsibility for violation of the procedure for issuing prescription drugs. This responsibility will eliminate the illicit retail sale of medicines and medical devices.

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