Daewoo E&C to Launch Major Project in Turkmenistan's Petrochemical Industry

South Korean company Daewoo E&C is aiming to implement a major project in Turkmenistan's gas and chemical industry, Daryo Uzbek news agency reported on Thursday, citing Türkmenhimiýa (Turkmenchemicals) State Concern.

The new plant will produce mineral fertilizers from natural gas, one of the most accessible resources in Turkmenistan. The capacity of the plant will be 660 thousand tons of ammonia and 1 million 155 thousand tons of urea yearly.

According to the report, the company conducted a joint study with the State Concern to determine the location of the future plant with environmentally friendly production in the western region of Turkmenistan.

In 2019, the world's only plant that processes natural gas into Euro-5 synthetic gasoline on an industrial scale was launched in Ovadandepe.


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