Construction of “Tashkent city”

Construction of “Tashkent city”

Construction of “Tashkent city”

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For Uzbekistan 2017 was marked by numerous changes in the life of the country. The changes accelerated the development of business environment in the country, in particular in Tashkent city. 

The concept of Tashkent City International Business Centre, which will be located on the 80 hectare in the centre of Tashkent between A.Navoi Avenue, Olmazor Street, Furkat Street and I. Karimov Avenue, was approved.

In many developed countries, there are individual business centres in cities, which incorporate all business activities. Most often they are called City and generally reflect the architectural appearance of those cities with skyscrapers, glass and concrete.

However, taking into account the seismic activity, specific character of Tashkent architectural appearance, sustainable traditions of urban development in Central Asia, the Tashkent City concept has been based on the harmony of nature and modern urban ideas, where special attention is given to the combination of business activity and idea of ​​a green city with abundance of greenery and park areas.

Given that, the high-rise buildings designed for business offices, hotels and apartments are to be built according to modern technology with a height of no more than 40 floors, and residential buildings - no higher than 12 floors. In addition, there will be conference and exhibition centres, hypermarket, a large number of retail areas, restaurants and cafés. Life in a modern city, where streets are not designed for a large flow of cars, creates inconvenience represented by traffic jams. Therefore, the City is proposed to continue the concept of Tashkent city in the form of wide streets, having introduced an innovation in the form of parking spaces under the buildings.

The concept of Tashkent City was designed also to achieve maximum convenience when residing in the City in luxury apartments, in five-star hotels and when doing business in offices. Tashkent City will be attractive for residents and visitors of the capital due to their conditions for active pastime in shopping and entertainment and park areas. The design of buildings and structures follows the spirit of the most advanced architecture principles and national colour.

To implement this large project, a Directorate was created at the Cabinet of the Republic of Uzbekistan, which will incorporate local and foreign investors to solve the tasks of construction and to ensure the most efficient functioning of Tashkent City.

You can find a presentation on project here