Construction in the Belorussian-Chinese industrial park “Great Stone”

Construction in the Belorussian-Chinese industrial park “Great Stone”

Currently in Belarus the international platform for performing business is active. On its basis the tax benefits, opportunity of conducting agreements on option for contracting, no foreign-change restrictions and other benefits are granted.

Since October, 6 2021 the special Instruction on the order of preparation and issuing permissions on constructing objects on the territory of Belorussian-Chinese industrial park “Great Stone”.

For example, now the administration of industrial park is in charge of preparing permissions on construction in the part of decisions on permitting of performing engineering works and object’s construction, demolition of object, approval of demolition, preparing and approving architectural planning assignment.

There is also a list of documents should be attached to the application of erecting, reconstructing, restoring, modernizing, improving objects of industrial park in the Instruction.

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