Market rules will be introduced and the “Code of electric networks” will be developed in the energy sector of Uzbekistan

On October 23, representatives of the Ministry of Energy held a round-table discussion with a number of international financial institutions on further reform of the energy sector in Uzbekistan.

During the conversation, the participants discussed recommendations and roadmaps for reforming the electricity, as well as oil and gas networks. In particular, international experts and consultants from the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development actively participated in the preparation of these recommendations and roadmaps.

The participants of the discussion noted that the following conditions are necessary for the transition to a competitive market model in the energy sector:

  • Adoption of the Law “On electricity” in new edition. The new version of the Law will consist of important rules for establishing the status and functions of state bodies that control, regulate and conduct policy in the field of electric power, as well as the status, functions and obligations of each entity involved in the processes of production, distribution, transmission, purchase and sale of electricity.
  • Development of the “Code of electric networks”. It is planned to adopt a single document regulating the technical aspects of connecting producers and consumers to all types of electricity and the operation of these networks. Existing regulatory acts in this area will be combined into a new “Code of electric networks”.
  • Implementation of market rules. Development and approval of rules for wholesale and retail electricity markets that are equally applicable for all is currently an important task in reforming an energy sector.
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