Belarus has updated the procedure for the seizure and allotment of land plots

The entry into force of the new edition of the Land Code required amendments in by-laws. The government has approved 21 new regulations. Among them there is a new regulation on seizure and allotment of land plots instead of the President Edict No. 667 dated on December 27, 2007.

The algorithm of allotment of land plots remains the same: allocation on the basis of an application and following an auction.

However, the Regulation clarifies the types of auctions: apart from the already known auctions for land ownership, auctions for land lease rights and auctions with conditions for design and construction rights, there are also auctions for property with a starting price equal to one basic unit (approximately EUR 13.00) and for state real estate without sale of lease rights.

The new edition contains regulations on the procedure for changing the allowable use of land plots, on the procedure for determining the amount of losses caused to land users by seizure or temporary occupation of land plots and demolition of immovable property located on them, and also approves a series of fundamentally new regulations setting out how executive committees may exercise the rights granted them under the new edition of the Land Code.

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