A y n u r   A k h u n d o v a   a n d   S a b i n a    
G a s i m o v a   p a r t i c i p a t e d    
A m C h a m   W o r k s h o p   o n   E m p l o y e r   B r a n d i n g  

Aynur Akhundova and Sabina Gasimova participated AmCham Workshop on “Employer Branding”

AmCham Workshop on “Employer Branding” for HR professionals (February 28, 2019) was hosted by Nobel Oil and AmCham HR Committee had prepared an interesting workshop for developing young HRs within the framework of “Enhancing Young HR professional’s capabilities” project. 

GRATA International was presented by Aynur Akhundova (HR Manager) and Sabina Gasimova (BDM). 

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