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L o n d o n  

Aidar Sarymsakov took part at the Europe-Caucasus-Asia Forum in London

6-8 September 2017 Europe-Caucasus-Asia Forum was held (former CIS Local Counsel). This event takes place for the twelfth time. The forum was organised by International Bar Association. 

It is the only regional conference covering the post-Soviet region and offering its delegates fantastic cultural programmes with numerous networking events every year. 

There was a great opportunity for delegates to visit offices of outstanding London law firms. 

Law firm visits on 8 September - a relationship building opportunity for delegates to visit a number of law firms in London to exchange ideas and network. 

GRATA International law firm was represented by its Senior Partner Aidar Sarymsakov.

Contacts: Aidar Sarymsakov
Almaty, Kazakhstan
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