P a r l i a m e n t   o f   G e o r g i a   a d o p t e d   t h e   L a w   o f   G e o r g i a   o n   A m e n d m e n t s   t o   t h e   S p a c e   P l a n n i n g ,   A r c h i t e c t u r a l   a n d   C o n s t r u c t i o n   A c t i v i t i e s   C o d e   o f   G e o r g i a  

On 06 January 2021, the Law of Georgia On Amendments to the Space Planning, Architectural and Construction Activities Code of Georgia was published on the website of the Legislative Herald of Georgia.

Amendment establishes the grounds for release from liability imposed for placing a temporary building - a booth on the public territory or in the adjacent territory without prior notice or without a construction permit.

Individuals who have committed an administrative offense before January 1, 2021 and have not paid the imposed fine yet, or against whom the case has not been initiated or the case has been initiated but no decision has been made, shall be released from liability for the offense.

Law became effective upon its publication.

Source and date of publication: Legislative Herald of Georgia, 06.01.2021.

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