There has been approved the procedure for organizing and conducting e-procurement in the construction industry in Uzbekistan

The Cabinet of Ministers adopted the Resolution “On measures to improve the organization and conduct of electronic procurement in the construction sector” No.6 dated January 31, 2022 (the “Resolution No.46”).

The Resolution No.46 approved the Regulation on the procedure for organizing and conducting electronic procurement in the construction industry (the “Regulation”). The Regulation applies to tenders carried out by State customers for the construction, reconstruction and overhaul of facilities financed from the State budget, the budgetary system of Uzbekistan, as well as other funds organized in budgetary organizations.

The Regulation includes such rules as:

  • procedure for conducting an electronic tender;
  • tasks of the participants (State customer, tender organizer, operator, etc.) of the electronic tender;
  • provision of an electronic tender offer;
  • personal account of the State customer, the organizer of the tender and the construction and contracting organization. A personal account is automatically formed upon entering the relevant information and registering with the help of an electronic digital signature in the electronic platform (a special information platform for conducting electronic tenders);
  • posting of an announcement on holding electronic tenders by the tender organizer on the platform after studying the correctness and completeness of the documents submitted by the State customer;
  • procedure for participation of applicants in the electronic tender. The applicant has the right to participate in the tender after passing all the conditions stipulated by the Regulations and paying a certain fee to the operator through a special bank account in the personal account;
  • conclusion of a contract based on the results of an electronic tender;
  • responsibility of participants of the electronic tender.

It should be noted that the Regulation applies to the electronic tender in the field of construction, the cost of which under one contract from the state customer exceeds 6,000 basic calculated value (approximately USD 149,486). For other electronic trading, the provisions of the Regulation are advisory in nature.

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