Airports in Uzbekistan will be reconstructed and upgraded based on PPPs

The Resolution of the President “On measures for the development of public-private partnership in airport management of Uzbekistan” No.ПП-5042 dated on March 29, 2021, which provides private partners in the implementation of projects for the reconstruction, modernization, operation and management of airports with 3-year exemptions from taxation:

  • customs duties on the importation of vehicles, equipment and accessories;
  • recycling charges for the importation of vehicles.

It also applies to contractors and subcontractors, consultants, operators and project organizations engaged by a private partner.

The policy provides for a 50 per cent reduction in the tax on profits and the tax on property for private airport partners. According to international norms the “Open Sky” regime will be introduced. In this way, the State ensures the best conditions for private partnerships, while at the same time bringing passenger and air services to a new level.

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