Agency for Development of Small Business and Entrepreneurship under the Ministry of Economy and Industry has been established

This Regulation has been adopted in accordance with the Decree of the President dated August 13, 2019. The Agency for the Development of Small Business and Entrepreneurship (the “Agency”) carries out work to support the development of the entrepreneurial sphere in Uzbekistan and is accountable to the Ministry of Economy and Industry. The work of the Agency is mainly aimed at:

  • Implementing a unified state policy in the field of business development;
  • Coordinating activities of other authorized bodies working in the field of business and entrepreneurship development;
  • Examining the entrepreneurship sphere and the development of proposals for the effective elimination of bureaucratic barriers, simplifying access to various resources, including industrial infrastructure, financial and raw material resources;
  • Introducing effective mechanisms to expand the entrepreneurship sphere and create new workplaces;
  • Ensuring the provision of material support in the form of guarantees and suretyships to be provided to small businesses and the entrepreneurial initiatives undertaken by the vulnerable groups of the population;
  • The development and implementation of non-financial support mechanisms on the current issues of subjects of small entrepreneurship, including the provision of telephone and online consultation free of charge, as well as support in connection with legislation and modern technologies;
  • Interaction with international and foreign financial organizations.
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