A procedure for issuing permits to carry out mining activities has been established in Uzbekistan

A procedure for issuing permits to carry out mining activities has been established in Uzbekistan

In accordance with the Order of the Director of the National Agency for Prospective Projects of the Republic of Uzbekistan, dated September 29, 2023 the Regulation on the procedure for issuing permission to engage in activities in the field of mining was approved.

Government procedures, such as issuing permits to miners, re-issuing them, changing, and extending term, suspending, terminating and canceling permits, are now carried out exclusively through an electronic information system.

Mining is mainly available only to legal entities that use electricity produced using solar photovoltaic stations.

Miners, subject to fire safety and sanitary standards, can join the common electrical system with the installation of a separate electricity meter, if required by law. They must also operate only from their registered address. Uzbekistan prohibits hidden mining, mining of anonymous crypto assets, as well as mining without permission or at an address other than the registered one.

Miners can sell the crypto-assets obtained as a result of mining on crypto-exchanges that have the appropriate license to operate as service providers in the field of crypto-asset turnover in Uzbekistan. To make a sale, miners must apply to an expert commission, the composition of which is appointed by the head of the National Agency for Advanced Projects. The commission reviews the application within 15 days and gives its opinion on issuing or refusing permission to carry out the operation.

Within five days, the authorized body makes a decision on issuance or refusal based on the conclusion of the expert commission.

The decision is issued in the form of an electronic document with a QR code within one day after adoption by the authorized body.

The permit is valid for 5 years and there is no fee for its issuance.