A new renewable and hydrogen energy strategy was adopted in Uzbekistan

In order to increase the efficiency of the energy sector, a new strategy for the development of renewable and hydrogen energy in the Republic of Uzbekistan will be elaborated by the Resolution of the President “On measures for the development of renewable and hydrogen energy in the Republic of Uzbekistan” No.ПП-5063 dated on 9 April 2021 (the “Resolution No.ПП-5063”).

The Resolution No.ПП-5063 establishes:

  • the National renewable energy research institute of the Ministry of Energy (the “Institute”), based at the International Solar Energy Institute of the Academy of Sciences;
  • inter-ministerial Commission for the development of renewable and hydrogen energy (the “Commission”);

In the structure of the Institute:

  • centre for hydrogen energy research;
  • renewable and hydrogen technology testing and certification laboratory.

The document defines the main tasks of the Commission and the Institute. The Commission develops and implements scientific and technological projects, creates conditions for innovative research in renewable and hydrogen energy, and coordinates the activities of the Institute. The main objectives of the Institute are as follows:

  • explore and expand opportunities for renewable and hydrogen energy;
  • development of innovative projects, cooperation with international research centres and joint implementation of projects in this regard;
  • certification of renewable energy and hydrogen equipment and technologies;
  • training of highly qualified personnel.

On the basis of the above-mentioned tasks, the Government has approved a “Road Map” on the organization of the Institute’s activities. The Institute will be financed by the state. The budget is financed from the extra-budgetary fund for the development of the fuel and energy sector and the intersectoral fund for energy development under the Ministry of Innovation, international financial organizations, funds from services and charitable donations.

Attracting foreign investment and international experts from leading companies such as "ACWA Power" (Saudi Arabia) and "Air Products" (USA) to strengthen logistics to ensure the sustainable development of renewable and hydrogen energy.

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