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On June 28, 2021, GRATA International is holding a practice-based online seminar on the topic: "The work of the conciliation commission, conciliation procedures and the basics of negotiation in the settlement of individual labor disputes" together with Samruk-Kazyna Ortalygy LLP.

The purpose of the seminar: Obtaining information on the mechanism of creation and work of the conciliation commission, as well as on the most common grounds for employees to apply to the conciliation commission.

Speaker: Marina Kolesnikova, Labor Law Counsel, GRATA International Law Firm, Almaty.

Time: 10: 00-17: 00 (time of Nur-Sultan).

Participation is paid.

The workshop is intended for:

1) members of the conciliation commission (representatives of employees and representatives of the employer);

2) HR leaders, HR managers;

3) Associates.

To register for seminar, contact Esdauletova Tolkyn by phone: 8727 329 1983/ 8777 282 1000 or by e-mail: sdckz@bk.ru

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