GRATA Nur-Sultan will take part in the Astana Finance Day 2021 with topic: Reconstruction involving the amalgamation in the AIFC Jurisdiction

On July 1-3, 2021, a conference will be held within the framework of Astana Finance Days.

Astana Finance Days (AFD) is one of the largest financial conferences in the region, held annually by the Astana International Financial Center. At Astana Finance Days 2021, the main stakeholders and partners of the AIFC will present innovative products and services that will help markets recover from the crisis. As part of Astana Finance Days, the problems that an increasingly collapsing world poses to emerging markets will be studied, brainstorming on new solutions and tools will be held, and speakers will share successful examples and valuable tools.

The conference starts at 10:00 (Nur-Sultan time).

AFD speakers and participants will be representatives of local and foreign government agencies, international organizations, business, professional and scientific community.

Maxim Burak, Partner and Aruzhan Aimak, GRATA Senior Lawyer, Kazakhstan (Nur-Sultan) will speak at the Workshop in the panel session: AIFC Legal Conference with the topic: “Reconstruction involving the amalgamation in the AIFC Jurisdiction”.

At the end of the session, a question-and-answer section will be held, where listeners can directly ask questions of interest to speakers.

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