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Review of Precedents in Appealing against Decisions of Customs Authorities
Disputes between importers and customs authorities are complex cases. The implementation of electronic declaring and a risk management control system, as well as a change in the approach of customs control led to an increase in customs audits of participants of foreign economic activity, and, consequently, to an increase in the number of customs disputes.
International companies: a new way of doing business in Russia
The Federal Law dated 03 August 2018 No. 290-FZ “On International Companies” (“Law No. 290-FZ”) defines the legal status of international companies - an economic organisation with the status of an international company registered in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (USRLE) in connection with the change of a personal law by a foreign legal entity by way of redomiciliation, specific features of its activities, reorganisation and liquidation, as well as the recording and exercising of rights to its securities.
Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgements in the territoryof Russia
Stable international cooperation in the area of trade and civil turnover is only possible where foreign counterparties and businessmen are confident about protection of their rights in the territory of a foreign state.
Customs duties for certain goods originating from the United States are increased in Russia
On 23 March 2018, the United States of America introduced a special protective measure in the form of increased customs duties on imports for steel and aluminium products, including those originating from the Russian Federation.
Appeal commission considering appeals on results of tax and customs audits as well as notifications on elimination of violations
Please be advised that on 27 June 2017 the regulation on the Appeal commission of the Ministry of finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan[1], which will be operating from 1 July 2017, was officially published.
Client note: Main changes in the customs law of Kazakhstan
The Decision No. 46 dated 11 May 2017 of the College of the Eurasian economic union introduced changes to the ‘Procedure of introduction of amendments and (or) additions to the declaration on goods’.
Recent changes in the customs legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan
The main changes in the customs legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan included:
Transfer of rates of customs fees in the national currency
Introduction of changes to EAEU FEACN
The decisions on classification of goods under EAEU FEACN adopted by the Eurasian economic commission