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Regulatory developments in the legislation of Belarus in November 2019
On ratification of the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Belarus and the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland on International Road Transport.
LAWASIA held the 32nd Conference: Harmonisation through Synergy
On November 5-8, 2019, the LAWASIA Conference in Hong Kong was held.
GRATA International held a seminar on labor legislation issues
On November 12, 2019 GRATA International held a seminar “What will change in the labor legislation in the near future” in Almaty for GRATA International clients
Is the law on the Sovereign Runet so terrible?
On November 1, amendments to the laws “On Communications” and “On Information”, which are known as the Law on Sovereign Internet (Runet), adopted in the spring of 2019, come into force.
GRATA International organised Annual Reporting Conference
On November 3-4, 2019 General Meeting of the GRATA International Association was held in Almaty, Kazakhstan. More than 70 people from 13 countries of presence of GRATA International attended the event.