Uzbekistan ranked 93rd among 131 countries in the Global Innovation Index

Uzbekistan ranked 93rd among 131 countries in the Global Innovation Index

In the newly published Global Innovation Index (the “GII”) for 2020, Uzbekistan ranked 93rd. Thus, the country returned to the rating after five years of absence from it due to unavailability of data.

The report states that a “continuous and systematic process to improve data coverage” has resulted in the country’s inclusion to the GII this year. Nevertheless, Uzbekistan should further develop data collection in order to enhance reliability of the country’s overall rating.

In the GII, a country's innovation development is evaluated by 80 indicators. A country’s overall ranking equals the average of scores for the two sub-indexes: Innovation Input and Innovation Output. 

In the Innovation Input Uzbekistan ranked 81st, in the Innovation Output - 118th. Apparently, the potential of Uzbekistan's innovation results in comparison with the country's investments has not yet been revealed.

Uzbekistan’s results for different components are as follows:

  • Market sophistication- 27th;
  • Infrastructure - 72nd;
  • Human capital & research - 77th;
  • Knowledge & technology outputs - 90th;
  • Institutions - 95th;
  • Creative outputs - 127th;
  • Business sophistication - 127th.

Switzerland ranked first in the overall ranking, followed by Sweden, USA, Great Britain and Netherlands.

In accordance with the Strategy of Innovation Development of Uzbekistan for 2019-2021 years, Uzbekistan should become one of the 50 leading countries in the Global Innovation Index by 2030.

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