President of the Republic of Uzbekistan approved the Program of digitalization of the activities of the judiciary

On 3 September President of the Republic of Uzbekistan adopted a Resolution “On measures to digitalize the activities of the judiciary” No.ПП-4818 (the “Resolution No.ПП-4818”).

The Resolution No.ПП-4818 notes that at the moment there is no proper integration between the information systems of ministries and departments. For this reason, courts carry out the mutual exchange of data in paper form while considering cases.

To change the situation in this area, the President set the following tasks:

  • expanding types of interactive electronic services provided to citizens and business entities;
  • creating conditions for online monitoring of the process of reviewing each application and for free use of interactive services in courthouses;
  • expanding mutual electronic data exchange with ministries, entities and other organizations to ensure prompt acceptance of information necessary for the administration of justice in the courts;
  • ensuring the openness and transparency of the judicial activity by implementing special information programs;
  • expanding opportunities for remote participation in court sessions and creating conditions for the parties to receive court decisions online.

In addition, the Resolution No.ПП-4818 approves the Program of digitalization of the activities of the judiciary for 2020-2023 years (the “Program”). The Program contains further steps and deadlines for their implementation in order for further digitalization of the activities of the judiciary.

According to the Program, a court must record all the court hearings on audio based on the request of the parties to the case and with the consent of the presiding judge starting from 1 January 2021.

Moreover, from 1 October 2021, a court must notify parties to the case on time and venue of the court hearing by sending SMS-messages.

Also the President ordered the creation and implementation of the complex of information systems “Adolat” (Justice) for the activities of the judiciary starting from 1 January 2022. Through the system “Adolat”, governmental bodies and entities, local authorities and attorneys can submit lawsuits, applications and complaints to the courts exclusively in electronic form and monitor their status online.

The Supreme Court of the Republic of Uzbekistan must develop and implement a mobile application by the end of 2020. The mobile application will allow parties to the case to participate in the court hearings via video conferencing.

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