G R A T A   I n t e r n a t i o n a l   o r g a n i s e d   a   D o i n g   b u s i n e s s   i n   K a z a k h s t a n    
s e m i n a r   i n   A t y r a u  

GRATA International organised a Doing business in Kazakhstan seminar in Atyrau


On 13 November 2017, in celebration of 20 years of GRATA International in Atyrau, we organised a Doing business in Kazakhstan via a Joint Venture and Consortium seminar

The seminar was indented to cover the general legal regulation of Joint Venture and Consortium activities including questions on corporate structure, decision making, and taxation. Our aim was to provide the necessary information for those who are planning to launch a business with new partners.  

The seminar speakers were: Ms Zaira Kaysar, Partner, GRATA International and Mrs Dana Bray, Director, GRATA Accounting.

The participants of the seminar were the representatives of various foreign companies, who demonstrated their interest and active participation.

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