Taking into account your interests and the statutory requirements, our experienced lawyers are ready to assist in drafting an optimal contract and are glad to accompany you in negotiating with contractors.

When a number of interrelated transactions are required, our lawyers will assist in structuring a transactional strategy that is tailored to achieve your commercial targets and offers the ideal scenario for project implementation to avoid any potential legal risks.

Our services in the domain of Contract Law:

  • Drafting and review of distribution, sale and purchase, agency, works, services and other agreements
  • Obtaining a preliminary approval of the antimonopoly authority of terms and conditions of agreements and other documents that may restrict competition
  • Drafting/reviewing of policies on choice of counterparties and commercial policies with a view of antitrust law and tax authorities requirements
  • Legal due diligence of candidates for distributorship/dealership and other counterparties
  • Advising on participation in state procurement and representing in the course of appealing of actions or omission on the part of the customers conducting tenders
  • Advising on requirements and restrictions in connection with import and circulation in Russia of certain goods
  • Advising on compliance of advertising and marketing materials and events
  • Advising on compliance of product labelling and packaging
  • Protection of intellectual property
  • Providing for registration of trademarks and other intellectual property in the customs register of intellectual property objects
  • Pre-judicial settlement of disputes with counterparties and of consumer claims
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