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Global Project Finance Guide
Over the past years, there has been a significant rise in the number of players in the global project finance markets, as lenders and sponsors from diverse regions across the globe have entered the fray, and such trend rendered the knowledge about the global practices of project finance more crucial than ever
Parallel import in Tajikistan
Parallel import refers to the import and sale of non-counterfeit (gray) goods without the right holder’s consent. In this case goods have been manufactured by or under the license of the right holder and therefore by all means are not counterfeit, but they are imported into a non-intended market, which is contrary to the intentions and interests of a right holder.
Business relocation to Tajikistan
Geographical location (borders China, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Afghanistan providing access to markets of Central and South Asia, and CIS, Eurasian integration hub, Traditional transit route for cross Asian trade. “Silk Road”)
Business relocation to the CIS countries and Georgia
In a period of unprecedented geopolitical turbulence and associated financial and logistical challenges, many entrepreneurs are considering relocating their businesses to more politically and economically stable jurisdictions. An alternative to the countries of the European Union and offshore countries can be rapidly developing member states - Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.
Opening a business in the countries of Caucasus and Central Asia
If you are interested in establishing a presence in a new market, restructuring your current operations, or expanding the geographical coverage of your business, the jurisdictions of Caucasus and Central Asia could offer a great potential from economic and legal standpoints. The region is strategically located between Europe and Asia, offering a unique position for companies who do business in both markets.
A quick guide to licensing in Tajikistan
As ecommerce and online services continue to rapidly evolve, such questions are often asked by companies intended to offer services and merchandise both online and physical locations.
A Primer into corporate taxation in Tajikistan
Taxes are among the most difficult issues in any country of the world, and Tajikistan is no exception. Navigating through and understanding the Tax Code of Tajikistan (Tax Code) can prove to be a challenge due to the used language (it can be rather vague) and terminology (it is rather heavy). That leaves a room for tax authorities to provide their interpretation, which, as expected, will be beneficial for the state and not to the taxpayer.
Five Things to Know About Registering Business in Tajikistan
Registering a business in Tajikistan can be a daunting task for foreign companies and individuals, as there are requirements that at first glance are not so obvious without consulting the registering authority or local law firm.
Personal Data Protection in the Republic of Tajikistan
As the use of the Internet and online activities have grown to be a major part of our lives, personal data protection becomes fundamental. The data protection legislation, therefore, must evolve along with the technical developments to address emerging issues.