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Cyprus becoming a member of the Schengen area
Starting, July 25, Cyprus is joining the Schengen Information System (SIS) that has been built to ensure safe passage as well as freedom of movement of those who have the right to move freely within the EU’s Schengen Area.
Cyprus Legal System
The Cyprus legal system applies within the Republic of Cyprus, which although extensively codified, it is still heavily based on English common law applying the fundamental principle of precedents.
Relocation to Cyprus
There are many reasons for moving to Cyprus.  Expats and locals get to enjoy the Mediterranean climate on the island. Hot summers with temperatures reaching up to 33°C, contrasted by mild winters, sound like a Mediterranean dream come true. Even better, the sea temperature can be as high as 27°C at the height of summer, which makes a stay at the beach or a swim in the sea all the more enjoyable.