L a w   o f   t h e   R e p u b l i c   o f   K a z a k h s t a n   O n   C o n c e s s i o n s   ( u n o f f i c i a l   E n g l i s h   t r a n s l a t i o n )  


Why Kazakhstan?

  • Kazakhstan oil, gas, coal and uranium and others commodities reserves are among the ten biggest in the world;
  • Strategic geographical location (e.g. China’s Belt and Road initiative, a door to the Eurasian Economic Union, a single market of 183 million people);
  • Good legal framework (special Concession Law adopted in 2006 and PPP Law adopted in 2015)  - extremely broad concept of a public private partnership;
  • Nearly every piece of public infrastructure (e.g., roads, hospitals, power plants, kindergartens, sewerages) in Kazakhstan requires a different degree of upgrading or expansion;
  • Kazakhstan’s climbed the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business index and is now ranked 36th;
  • Strong support of Kazakhstan by MDBs (EBRD, ADB, IFC, IDB, EABR, AIIB) attracting private and international financial investment.


This is an unofficial English translation of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan On Concessions No.167-III 3PK dated 7 July 2006  (the Concession Law) , prepared by GRATA International Law Firm. We are in the process of reviewing and improving this translation. We kindly request your comments and suggestions. Please send them in writing to finance_securities@gratanet.com

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