Joint venture companies: practical problems of their organization and corporate governance

Dovzhenko Igor Konstantinovich, Lawyer, GRATA International Rostov-on-Don

Smykova Ekaterina Romanovna, Lawyer, GRATA International Rostov-on-Don


Joint venture companies, being one of the forms of doing business, despite the sanctions and the tense political situation on the world stage, continue to enjoy certain popularity in Russia. Foreign investors are actively investing their money, knowledge and experience in domestic business, together with Russian partners, are opening various companies and enterprises in various sectors of the economy. There are many reasons for this, the main of which are gaining access to new commercial markets, and the ability to produce new types of goods and services.

The desire of foreign investors to invest in the Russian economy and carry out business activities on our territory, to implement various projects has led to the fact that joint venture companies have become the most common form of foreign direct investment, facing its problems in terms of organization and corporate governance.

The main regulatory source of regulation of joint venture companies in Russia is the Federal law dated 09.07.1999 N 160-FZ "On foreign investments in the Russian Federation" (hereinafter – the Law on foreign investments). This law establishes the national legal regime for the activities of foreign investors, i.e. the regime under which foreign investors enjoy the same rights and obligations on the territory of our country as Russian investors.

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