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Personal Data Protection in Russia 2020
The publication covers, in particular, the following areas of data protection, including personal data, in Russia: applicable legislation and competent authorities; key principles; individual rights; registration formalities and prior approval;  restrictions on international data transfers;  big data and analytics; data security and data breach; trends in enforcement and sanctions. 
Analytical review on the creation of corporate environmental risk management systems in Russia in the context of the environmental legislation reform
Today, it is becoming one of the corporate development strategy priorities for many companies to ensure that environmental safety is guaranteed as well as national and international standards are complied with in this area. This is also facilitated by the leading world states’ policy aimed at improving environmental conditions on their territories including through a review of environmental legislation.
What legislative changes are expected to small businesses in Russia in 2020?
In 2020, a considerable number of changes are planned that will affect entrepreneurs and small companies. For small businesses, it is expected to increase insurance premiums for individual entrepreneurs, and cancel preferential regimes for the sale of certain goods.
What changes, in the President's opinion, are necessary in Russian legislation?
Review of Vladimir Putin's address to the Federal Assembly.

On January 15, 2020, Vladimir Putin delivered a message to the Federal Assembly in which he raised a question. Is there a “Constitutional revolution" in Russia?
The implementation of super-services: which public services will be provided automatically in 2020?
The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Russian Federation is developing superservices that allow receiving public services online in a simplified mode, including those that provide social support.
What legislative changes are expected for large Russian businesses in 2020?
Despite the fact that most of the upcoming changes in 2020 are more related to small and medium-sized businesses, it is expected that representatives of large businesses will also change.
What legislative changes are waiting for the average Russian business in 2020?
If you carry out business activities employing less than 250 employees, your profit is not more than 2 billion rubles, and the share of medium and large enterprises, as well as States is negligible, or it is not at all, as a business entity-medium enterprise, get ready for the changes that will take effect in 2020.
Features of distribution of the property which remained after liquidation of the Russian company
This article discusses liquidation of a legal entity, namely the features and procedure for the division of the property stock remaining after settlement with creditors between the founders of the liquidated company.
The Supreme court of the Russian Federation did not cancel the Statute of limitations on tax crimes
In June this year, the plenum of the Supreme court of the Russian Federation discussed the draft resolution on tax crimes. It was proposed to count the statute of limitations from the moment of full payment of taxes. Therefore, as long as there is a tax debt, the crime does not end and the statute of limitations does not begin. The existence of this provision de facto abolishes the statute of limitations for such crimes.
A new level for retailers
On January 1, 2019, Federal law No. 488-FZ of 25.12.2018 on the unified information system for marking and tracking the movement of goods using identification marks came into force, which, on behalf of the government of the Russian Federation, should be extended to all consumer products in Russia by 2024.