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FAS proposes to reduce the value of banks' assets to control transactions
In case of exceeding the value of assets, it`s required to obtain the prior consent of the antimonopoly authority for transactions and other actions provided for in articles 27 and 29 of the Federal Law "On Protection of Competition".
The Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation proposed to issue a residence permit for investment
The Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation plans to grant a residence permit to foreign citizens who are investing in Russian business. This bill is aimed at simplifying the stay of investors in the country.
The moratorium on scheduled inspections of small businesses has been extended. But there are exceptions.
On November 30, 2020, at a meeting of the Government of the Russian Federation, it was decided to extend the moratorium on scheduled inspections in relation to small businesses. The document was published on the website of the Government of the Russian Federation.
Amendments to the criminal procedure code of the Russian Federation, providing for the possibility of remote interrogation of witnesses, victims and experts.
Andrey Kutepov, Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on economic policy, has developed a draft amendment to the code of criminal procedure that will allow an investigator to interrogate a crime witness, victim, or expert using video conferencing systems.
Changes in taxation for controlled foreign companies
On 21of October, the Draft Law “On Amendments to Parts One and Two of the Tax Code of Russian Federation”, was adopted in the second reading. second reading in the State Duma. Subsequently, it was adopted in the third reading and sent to the Federation Council Committee on Budget and Financial Markets and Policy.
GRATA Law Firm held an International Online Conference for Litigation
On 29 October 2020, an international online conference was held on: Recognition and Enforcement of Judgements and Arbitral Awards in 10 jurisdictions of GRATA International on ZOOM platform.
The Supreme court of the Russian Federation proposed to attribute minor crimes of businessmen to misdemeanors
On October 13, the Supreme court of Russia approved a bill according to which non-serious crimes of entrepreneurs will be classified as a criminal offense, for which the court exempts from criminal liability and only assigns a judicial fine. Therefore, if the committed crime is recognized as a criminal offense, the violator will not have a criminal record.
Introduction of electronic staff document circulation in Russia
In accordance with the decree of the President of the Russian Federation dated from May 9, 2017 № 203 «On the strategy of development of the information society in the Russian Federation for 2017 – 2030», modern business is faced with the task of introducing electronic document management, including personnel issues, into the company's life.
British Virgin Islands intends to create public register of beneficial owners by 2023
As one of the anti-money laundering measures adopted in accordance with international standards, the government of the British Virgin Islands plans to create a public register of beneficial owners of companies registered there by 2023.
GRATA International law firm took part in the International Legal Banking Forum
On September 24-25, 2020, the Forum on theme: "Topical issues of law in the banking sector" was held.