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Tax control and appealing its results in Georgia
Tax control can be performed only by tax authorities. Tax control procedures shall not reasonably disturb the ordinary course of business of a taxpayer and shall not suspend its activity. The types of tax control are current control and tax audit. Re-audit of an already audited matter is prohibited without a judge’s order except matters for which a person files an adjusted tax return for an already audited period.
Advertising and promotion of medicines and medical products
GRATA International’s specialists of the Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare sector released the product on “Advertising and promotion of medicines and medical products” in the following countries: Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Mongolia, and Uzbekistan.
 Business relocation to Georgia
Strategic geographical location (i.e. a door to Russia and the Eurasian Economic Union, a single market of 183 million people, as well as to China and to Central Asia) and ease of travel to Europe and East Asia with direct flights to major destinations;
Business relocation to the CIS countries and Georgia
In a period of unprecedented geopolitical turbulence and associated financial and logistical challenges, many entrepreneurs are considering relocating their businesses to more politically and economically stable jurisdictions. An alternative to the countries of the European Union and offshore countries can be rapidly developing member states - Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.
Opening a business in the countries of Caucasus and Central Asia
If you are interested in establishing a presence in a new market, restructuring your current operations, or expanding the geographical coverage of your business, the jurisdictions of Caucasus and Central Asia could offer a great potential from economic and legal standpoints. The region is strategically located between Europe and Asia, offering a unique position for companies who do business in both markets.
Legal due diligence for M&A Purposes in Georgia
Legal due diligence is one of the critical parts of legal work before merger and acquisition transactions.  Due diligence is a process of investigation of a target company’s business prior to a potential investment. 
Due diligence for M&A purposes
A team of leading specialists from the corporate law practice of GRATA International from Azerbaijan, Georgia and Russia prepared brief reviews on the specifics of due diligence in the framework of mergers and acquisitions in these countries.
Remote Work Regulations in Georgia (including remote work of foreign workers)
To date, the issue of regulating remote work in Georgia are not regulated by the Labour Code or other legal acts. Due to the Covid-Pandemic situation, a large number of people employed in both public services and private business in Georgia have been transferred to remote work mode. The use of the remote labor regime continues to this day due to the epidemiological situation in the country.
Remote work (including remote work of foreign workers)
The interaction of the employee and the employer in the conditions of remote work in many jurisdictions is already a very familiar phenomenon. In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and the gradual transition of labour relations to the digital space, remote work has become the universal response of employers and employees to the external and internal challenges of 2021.
The Legislative Herald of Georgia
The new law, for the purposes of eradicating problems existing in the wood sector, sets forth the system for sustainable management of forests, that ensures the improvement of quantitative and qualitative indices of woodland, protection of biodiversity, efficient utilization of economic potential without prejudice to ecological values, involvement of society in the management of forests and fair redistribution of the resulting benefit.