• Support of the transaction of purchase and sale of a share in an IT company (a resident of the Hi-Tech Park) for a foreign investor, drafting the agreement on the exercise of the rights of participants;
  • Drafting the foreign investor's founding agreement for the purpose of implementing a large agricultural project on cattle breeding using Slovak technologies;
  • Drafting a legal opinion for a Belarusian company with an analysis of the risks of bringing the company to joint liability as the member of the consortium for a project in the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • Drafting the contracts for the development of software and annexes to them (technical specifications, schedule);
  • Analysis of the activities of companies for compliance with the HTP regime, advising on the procedure for entering the HTP at all stages;
  • Advising companies on possible technical measures to protect commercial secrets;
  • Advising foreign organizations on determining the structure and authorities of governing bodies in accordance with the chosen legal form;
  • Development and support of the conclusion of agreements on the exercise of the rights of participants in business entities.
Junior Associate
明斯克, 白俄罗斯共和国