• Avising one of the major Kazakh Mining Company on hiring and dismissing senior managers;
  • Advising one of the major Kazakh Metallurgical Company on implementation of the staff incentive system;
  • Advising the major Kazakh Gas Producer on hiring foreign staff;
  • Advising Kazakh Telecom Holding on staff optimisation in connection with reorganization;
  • Auditing HR documentation in Kazakh subsidiaries of an international manufacturer and supplier of telecom equipment for mobile networks, the Hungarian Oil and Gas Holding Companies, the major Chinese Energy Company, the representative office of the international pharmaceutical company, the largest Kazakhstani cement producer, and a Kazakhstani subsidiary of Chinese Oil-and-Chemical Corporation;
  • Legal support of the termination of labour agreements with senior managers of representative offices of several major pharmaceutical companies, an international manufacturer of confectionery, a leading Kazakhstani mining company, and Kazakhstani subsidiary of the International Producer and Supplier of Infant Food;
  • Drafting labour agreements for Kazakh subsidiaries of major international companies specialising in the manufacture of aircraft and aerospace technology, and power equipment, Kazakh gold mining company;
  • Implementation of the new form of a labour agreement in Kazakh Subsidiary Bank of a major European Financial Holding;
  • Drafting a bonus clause for Kazakh subsidiary company of a major International Engineering Holding;
  • Drafting job descriptions, labour regulations for representative offices of a major Innovative Production Company, American company - one of the world market leaders in manufacturing and marketing consumer goods, the international group that produces confectionery.
阿拉木圖, 哈萨克斯坦共和国