Today, at a time when tax legislation is subject to frequent and continues changes, it is quite hard to attend to all changes of the Kazakhstani tax legislation. Certain wordings of the tax legislation are differently comprehended and interpreted by the tax authorities and taxpayers. 

This presents a considerable risk for any company doing business in Kazakhstan. Tax consulting is a reliable way to secure your personal rights and business interests.

GRATA International has wealth of experience in the area of tax planning of dealings, analysis and minimization of tax risks, as well as participation in and successful solution of tax disputes. However, we are also working on an actively mastering new areas of taxation and tax administration.

Our main priority is continuing education and training in order to help you overcome existing, and obviate potential, problems for your company. When seeking legal advice from GRATA International in the area of taxation, you can rest assured that your problem will be correctly handled and that you will be able to avoid tax disputes. We are here to protect your interests.

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