Our firm retains the leading position in the area of subsoil use. Our highly qualified team of lawyers is able to demonstrate that they can handle the technical and legal complexity of subsoil use contracts, production sharing agreements, joint exploration contracts, concessions, and more. 

Oil and Gas


As a part of our subsoil use issues advising, we also provide you with:

  • advise on obtaining a permit of competent authority and waiver of pre-emption rights to transfer subsoil use rights and its related objects;
  • advise on issues of geological and mining allotments, including how to obtain them;
  • advise on issues of prolongation of terms of exploration, production, as well as terms necessary for estimation of commercial discovery;
  • advise on issues of local content, including whilst procurement of goods, works and services;
  • advise on issues of amendment of working programme and other conditions of subsoil use contract;
  • advise on issues of termination of subsoil use contract.
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