GRATA International’s Dispute Resolution practice significantly varies from the practices of other local and international law firms in Kazakhstan. Our main distinctions are that our team consists of highly qualified litigators with an extensive experience in dispute resolution. The team is supported by a former judge with a 30-year experience in courts of different levels. Other law firms’ lawyers usually focus their practice on different areas of law and offer representation in courts in addition, while GRATA’s Dispute Resolution practice focuses primarily on litigation and dispute issues, making us specialists in the complexities of litigation commanding more extensive knowledge of the client’s issue. Unlike the majority of international law firms, we are flexible and offer a fixed rate, as well as contingency arrangement. Finally, probably the most important distinction is that key decisions offered to the client are discussed by a legal team comprised of two or three seasoned litigators, enabling us to make a deliberate and efficient team decision.

Our services:

  • Administrative Litigation
  • Pre-trial Dispute Resolution
  • Civil Litigation
  • Arbitration
  • Enforcement Proceedings / Recognition and Enforcement of Judicial Acts and Arbitral Awards
  • Full Legal Support of State Audits and Inspections
  • Due Diligence - DD reports
  • Criminal Litigation
  • Business Crimes and Investigations / White Collar Crimes / Compliance


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