Information Technology issues are going to play an increasing role in business and other areas of life. Companies and people are paying more and more attention to the capability of serving the ever increasing needs of business process and regulatory requirements.The continuous development of information technology and the expansion of business presence of companies throughout the world, as well as an increase in the information, amounts that companies need to keep safely, process and use will inevitably lead to the fact that data protection and information security are especially important and complex legal issue to deal with.There are a lot of issues, including problems of uncertainties in legislation, which is constantly developing to match the life and business needs.

GRATA International’s Data Protection& Privacy lawyers are versed in IT legislation, issues of business localisation and informational protection, as well as with the cross-border data transfer, cloud storage ability, etc.


  • DD of internal documents of companies for compliance with legal requirements on data protection.
  • advising on different IT Law issues (data protection, data localisation, etc.).


ICLG Data Protection 2017: Kazakhstan.

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