• Support for the reorganization of the Austrian holding company, a major supplier of equipment and materials for the production of food products and their packaging. In the process of reorganization, the tasks were to change the location of individual companies to other regions of the Russian Federation, liquidate unprofitable enterprises and create new legal entities on their basis, and redistribute the assets of the group of companies. Turnover of the Russian part of the holding is 28 million euros
  • Representing one of the largest developers of Saint Petersburg, who was building a football stadium in preparation for the 2018 world Cup in a dispute with the Federal tax service of Russia. The result was a reduction in the tax authorities ' requirements by more than 5 times: from 200 million rubles to 35 million rubles.
  • Support of a transaction for the acquisition of a large complex of commercial real estate in the Leningrad region. The project cost is more than 40 million dollars.
  • Advising on the creation of a joint venture in the northwestern Federal district with an investment volume of more than $ 100 million.
  • Legal support for several additional issues of shares of a major energy company paid for by the property of the sole shareholder. The total cost of additional issues is more than 1 billion rubles.
  • Full legal support for the activities of a power engineering company specializing in the development of equipment for the nuclear industry, as well as support for procurement procedures, pre trial and court disputes with contractors.
  • Preparation of a legal opinion and support of reorganization procedures in connection with the construction of a holding structure of one of the largest construction companies in the region with the participation of construction and construction and production companies.
  • Support of a project to attract private financing to a large agricultural holding. Legal expertise (due diligence), which precedes the pledge of a large stake in an open joint stock company (production in the field of agriculture).
  • Development of the organizational and legal model of the project for the reorganization of a large shopping complex in Saint Petersburg. Based on the analysis of international experience and legislation of the Russian Federation, legal mechanisms for investment in the project are proposed, taking into account the historical diversity of ownership forms on the territory of the complex.
  • Settlement of tax claims against one of the oldest production enterprises of the Leningrad region, LLC "Lomonosov ceramics". As a result, the tax claims are completely removed.
  • Representation of the St. Petersburg state unitary enterprise "Plant for mechanical recycling of household waste 2" in relations with the Department of the Federal service for supervision of nature management in the North West district to set aside and invalidate claims for payment of payments for negative impact on the environment.
  • Support for the creation of the first closed end mutual investment Fund in Russia in the amount of 5,000,000 EUR. in the field of legal claims financing for seitenberg LLC. Creating a legal framework for the project's business process was complicated by the lack of special legislation regulating external judicial financing.
  • Reorganization of the structure of subsidiaries and affiliates registered in the territory of the Russian Federation. We have developed a strategy and action plan for structuring corporate ownership (between non residents and residents) with minimal financial costs, and for structuring assets of Russian companies. The total cost of the project was more than 700,000,000 RUB.
  • Changing the structure of corporate ownership in the Russian company, which is a subsidiary of the Dutch company Heinen&Hopman. Advising on the issue of corporate ownership in the authorized capital of a Russian company between a non resident and a resident in order to subsequently participate in tenders for concluding state contracts, taking into account the Russian Federation's sanctions legislation, and maintaining full control of the company's activities by a foreign person if a Russian citizen has almost 100% of the company's share. Total project cost– 2 100 000 000 RUB.
  • Development of a contract for the alienation of shares in the authorized capital of Energoinvest LLC, which provides for maximum protection of the seller's interests, including the establishment of a pledge of the alienated share with the possibility of out of court foreclosure on the mortgaged property. Full legal support of the transaction. The total cost of the project is 170 000 000 RUB.
  • Resolution of the dispute on the claim of Comintern LLC to JSC NPO Karat (Client) for the recovery of funds for a total amount of 270,000,000 rubles. These requirements were based on agreements on novation of obligations arising from equipment supply contracts into loan obligations, as well as assignment agreements under which the company's counterparties assigned the rights of claim for novated obligations to Comintern LLC.
  • Providing legal assistance to a large Austrian manufacturer of Premium Pack food packaging in maintaining a subsidiary located in Moscow. As a result of working on the project, it was possible to identify accounts payable and take successful steps to prevent tax penalties and administrative penalties.
  • Organization and support of an internal audit to restore some of the lost documents and information from contractors in order to provide it to the tax authorities, the need for which arose in connection with the change of the founder and the transition of the plant to the Russian jurisdiction. This task was further complicated by the change of the company's General Director and opposition from the previous Manager.
  • Research work on the topic: "Scientifically based proposals for the development of a program for the coordinated development of highways of the member States of the Shanghai cooperation organization (SCO)".
  • Development of regulations, methods and procedures of the RCFG (Regional center for financial literacy) to provide consulting services to the population in the field of financial literacy and protection of the rights of consumers of financial services.
  • Development of a program to promote the economic development of the Kaliningrad and Pskov regions.
  • The project of the Ministry of Finance of the Kaliningrad region, municipalities of gdańsk and Gdynia (Poland) in the framework of co financing International cross border cooperation programme Lithuania — Poland — Russia European neighbourhood instrument and partnership (ENPI).
  • Preparation and consulting in connection with the conclusion of a shareholder agreement, structuring of corporate governance bodies, legal audit of the enterprise (due diligence).
Managing Partner, Advocate
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