• European Bank for Reconstruction and Development on financing of Centerra Gold Inc. and legal due diligence of Kumtor Gold Company and Kumtor Operating Company.
  • Guizhou Geological and Mineral Resources Development Company Limited on full legal due diligence of a group of Kyrgyz mining companies owned by an Australian listed company.
  • Export-Import Bank of China in a potential financing deal in construction of a greenfield cement factory.
  • Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum International Exploration and Engineering Co., Ltd. on acquisition of a Kyrgyz state-owned oil and gas company.
  • China Development Bank in secured financing of a major local gold mining company with PRC shareholding on construction of a gold refining factory.
  • Sinosure on due diligence of refinery industry legal environment.
  • Central Asia Energy Co., Ltd. on acquisition of oil refinery factory.
Managing Partner
Бішкек, Киргизстан
Душанбе, Таджикистан