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Procedure for confirming the residence of Kyrgyzstan has been simplified
In Kyrgyzstan, the procedure for obtaining a document to confirm the tax status (residence) of the Kyrgyz Republic has been simplified.
Uzbekistan Tax and Budget Law for 2019
Uzbekistan has published Law No. ЗРУ-508 of 24 December 2018, which includes amendments in relation to the tax and budget policy for 2019.
Amendments to CIT act
From January 1, 2019, CIT changes adopted by the Polish parliament at the end of 2018 are coming into force.
Simplifications for entrepreneurs
On January 1, 2019 (subject to some provisions that will become effective later) a package of changes in tax and economic law intended by the legislator to simplify running a business are coming into force.
Simplifications for small and medium sized companies
On November 9, the Parliament passed a package of changes introducing simplifications in tax and business law aimed for entrepreneurs.
Concept of tax reform for 2018-2020 published for public discussion in Uzbekistan
National Project Management Agency under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan prepared a draft concept on radical reform of the tax system
New Tax Code
On 1 January 2018 new Tax Code came into force in Kazakhstan. This Tax Code is set to stimulate growth of small and medium-sized businesses and strengthen Kazakhstan’s financial sector.