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New Environmental Code in Kazakhstan
What shortcomings the current Environmental Code has? Why was a new Environmental Code needed?
A brief overview of the changes in the Environmental Legislation of the Russian Federation
The theme of ecology and environmental protection is still one of the most relevant on the world agenda. Despite the fact that the coronavirus pandemic temporarily overshadowed environmental issues, nevertheless, environmental legislation in Russia remains relevant and in demand. Taking into account the large number of requests from our clients, we decided to make quarterly reviews of the main changes in environmental legislation, which may concern representatives of many sectors of the economy.
Draft of the new Environmental Code of Republic of Kazakhstan: key points for entrepreneurs
The Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan is currently considering a draft of the new Environmental Code (hereinafter - the 'Draft Code') developed by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan under the instruction of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Analytical review on the creation of corporate environmental risk management systems in Russia in the context of the environmental legislation reform
Today, it is becoming one of the corporate development strategy priorities for many companies to ensure that environmental safety is guaranteed as well as national and international standards are complied with in this area. This is also facilitated by the leading world states’ policy aimed at improving environmental conditions on their territories including through a review of environmental legislation.
State aid in the sector of renewable energy resources in Uzbekistan
Renewable energy resources (“RER”) are defined under Uzbek law as solar and wind power, geothermal and hydro power, as well as biomass energy.
Kazakhstan Supports Renewable Energy for Economic Diversification
Kazakhstan's 2020 Strategic Development Plan states that the use of renewable resources and energy sources is an effective method to diversity the country's economy. Kazakhstan is therefore creating incentives to develop wind power, solar and geothermal energy, and to introduce new technologies that will effectively use the country's water resources to provide the population with drinking water.
Legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Support for Use of Renewable Energy Sources
In Strategic Development Plan of the Republic of Kazakhstan until 2020, it is noted that one of the directions for successful diversification of the economy is the introduction of modern technologies based on renewable resources and energy sources.