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Advertising labeling from september 1, 2023: What can you be fined for?
From September 1, 2023, the penalties for non-compliance with legislation in the field of advertising activities have become stricter. For placing online advertising without labeling, a fine of 700,000 rubles is possible. That is why it is particularly important for all advertisers to understand how to work with advertising materials under the new rules
Fines for violating the requirements for labeling advertisements distributed on the Internet in Russia
Starting from September 1, 2023, the distribution of an advertisement on the Internet without an advertisement identifier assigned by the advertisement data operator to the corresponding advertisement or violation of the requirements for its placement when distributing advertisement on the Internet, an administrative fine may be imposed
Doing Business in Kazakhstan
The brochure provides you with the comprehensive information about the main forms of doing business in Kazakhstan, including a detailed comparison table of such forms, information on the tax structure, bankruptcy, PPP and frequently asked questions for starting and doing business in Kazakhstan.
Why do you need to ensure compliance with the competition rules?
It’s known that the management of each company must exercise effective supervision over the implementation of the compliance program with the competition laws. Competition violations can take various forms, and they can be made in very different circumstances. Not only written agreements may be illegal, but also verbal agreements or concerted practices. Surprising is the fact that even the mere presence in a context in which exchanges of information, discussions or anticompetitive offers take place can expose the company to the risk of applying a penalty by the Competition Council.
Ancillary restraints in the mergers and acquisitions within the scope of Turkish law
Ancillary restraint is frequently one of competition restricting agreements in case of accepted as illegal it can damage market. Because mergers and acquisitions sometimes lose its importance without ancillary restraints. Thus, ancillary restraints was accepted legal in practise and then it was regulated. Our country competition law is improving by EU competition law. Competition restricting agreements are prohibited but ancillary restraints accepted legal even it is one of competition restricting agreements.
Natural monopolies regulation in Kazakhstan
Importance of so-called natural monopolies in Kazakhstan can be seen in the fact that some of Kazakhstan's largest and most powerful corporate empires, such as the Kazakhstan Electricity Grid Operating Company (KEGOC) (national transmission grid operator), KazTransOil (national oil transporter in Kazakhstan accounting to 80% of all oil transported in the country) and National Company Kazakhstan Temir Zholy (the national railway company of Kazakhstan) are officially subject to natural monopoly regulation.