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The refinancing rate reduced to 10.5%
On 14 February 2018 the refinancing rate of the National Bank was reduced from 11% and now stands at 10.5%.
A United and Mandatory System ofmarking of goods will be implemented in the EEU
On 2 February 2018 the Heads of Governments of member countries approved the creation of the EEU goods marking system using the means of identification. Regulation on the marking of means of identification of goods in EEU was accepted in 17 May 2017 and this document identified the main goals and assigned group for the implementation of the system development.
Mandatory Mediation in Labour Disputes
Law of Labour Courts numbered 7036 (the “Law”) published in the Official Gazette No. 30221 dated October 25, 2017; introduced fundamental changes in the settlement of labour disputes. The radical changes implemented with the Law are as follows.
Regulations on Trade of Second-Hand Motor Land Vehicles
The system has changed for trade of second-hand vehicles. From 13 February 2018 there will be warranty for second-hand vehicles.
Decision of Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency
The end date of the implementation which makes the approval of the user mandatory for using the credit cards for online shopping was extended to 31 December 2018 instead of original 17 August 2017.
Regulations on Performance of Services of Sale, Transfer and Registration of Vehicles
The sale and transfer transactions which are made without notaries will become invalid.

The sale, transfer and all registry processes, which is or will be registered by the notary, will be registered into the Record and Registry System of Vehicles (ARTES) within the Union of Turkish Public Notaries.