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The Impact of the Equator Principles on Project Financing in the Republic of Kazakhstan
The number of large infrastructure projects steadily grows in Kazakhstan. Potential investors and the State are looking for finance sources to implement the projects. On one hand, in many cases, in view of the amount of financing, international financial organisations are the most likely funding source. On the other hand, international financial organisations themselves often have an interest in project financing in Kazakhstan.
Features of distribution of the property which remained after liquidation of the Russian company
This article discusses liquidation of a legal entity, namely the features and procedure for the division of the property stock remaining after settlement with creditors between the founders of the liquidated company.
Credit Unions in Azerbaijan
 There are presently 45 credit unions in Azerbaijan competing for customers. Yet what’s their working principle? But first, let’s look at why there is so little we know about them.
Legal update: The Amendment on Constitution of Mongolia
New Constitution of Mongolia established a representative democracy after revolution from Socialist society to Democratic society which was adopted on January 13, 1992 and amended in 1999 and 2001.
The Supreme court of the Russian Federation did not cancel the Statute of limitations on tax crimes
In June this year, the plenum of the Supreme court of the Russian Federation discussed the draft resolution on tax crimes. It was proposed to count the statute of limitations from the moment of full payment of taxes. Therefore, as long as there is a tax debt, the crime does not end and the statute of limitations does not begin. The existence of this provision de facto abolishes the statute of limitations for such crimes.
A new level for retailers
On January 1, 2019, Federal law No. 488-FZ of 25.12.2018 on the unified information system for marking and tracking the movement of goods using identification marks came into force, which, on behalf of the government of the Russian Federation, should be extended to all consumer products in Russia by 2024.