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Client alert of GRATA International Azerbaijan
A draft law containing amendments to the Law «On Road Transportation» providing for certain provisions in the regulation of taxi operations, as well as draft laws «On Public Procurement» and «On Payment Services and Payment Systems» are currently under consideration of the Parliament of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments and foreign arbitral awards in Moldova
The purpose of each arbitration court, the same as the purpose of judicial instances, is dispute resolution with the adoption of a valid and performable decision. Deducting that every state is independent and sovereign, we can’t impose a foreign law on a state, in order to perform or enforce on its territory foreign judicial decisions.
Resolutions of the shareholder disputes under Turkish legislation
As per the Turkish Commercial Code (“TCC”), there are 2 primary types of Companies. These are, Joint Stock Company “Anonim Şirket” and Limited Liability Companies “Limited Şirket”. There are also 2 other Company types which, in practice, are not commonly seen or established. These are Collective Companies “Kollektif Şirket” and Commandite Companies “Komandit Şirket”
Disputes arising from jointventure agreements in Uzbekistan
In accordance with Uzbek legislation, as stipulated in Article 43 of Civil code, a legal entity acts on the basis of a charter, or a memorandum of association (constituent agreement) and a charter, or only memorandum of association.
Cyprus Legal System
The Cyprus legal system applies within the Republic of Cyprus, which although extensively codified, it is still heavily based on English common law applying the fundamental principle of precedents.
Corporate disputes in Belarus
In recent years, the number of disputes related to shareholders relations (corporate disputes) has increased. It can be due various reasons: capital accumulation and funds-sharing conflicts between the shareholders, bringing business to insolvency, the desire to sell the business during financial crises or heirs entry into business