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Tax and customs measures to be taken by the Government of Kazakhstan to implement the President's instructions
On 11 January 2022, President of Kazakhstan K.K. Tokayev at a meeting of the Lower house of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan gave several instructions to the Government, including to work out the issue of additional budget revenues, as well as to develop a new Concept of investment policy
Legal summary of Law on Workforce migration
The Law on Workforce migration was adopted to determine the relationship, management and organization of workforce migration from Mongolia to foreign country and from foreign country to Mongolia on basis of national labor market data, in a unified and comprehensive manner in order to protect human rights and legitimate interests. The implementation of labor migration policies and regulations will have positive social and economic consequences, including increased employment, sustainable population growth, family stability and more specialized and skilled human resources.
A quick guide to licensing in Tajikistan
As ecommerce and online services continue to rapidly evolve, such questions are often asked by companies intended to offer services and merchandise both online and physical locations.
Amendments to the law of Mongolia on investment
On the plenary session of the State Great Khural (the Parliament) dated October 7, 2021, the draft law on amending the Investment Law submitted by MP Kh.Gankhuyag was discussed and 51.9 percent of the members who participated at the plenary session voted in favor and transferred to the Standing Committee on Economic Affairs to prepare for the first discussion.
Liquidation process of Legal entity
According to the October statistics of the State Registration Office of Mongolia, total of 67 legal entities were liquidated in October 2021.
Kazakhstan. Forthcoming Amendments to VAT/GST for Electronically Supplied Goods and Services
Almost a year ago, Kazakhstan introduced VAT which the foreign companies should pay for goods and services supplied electronically to individuals in Kazakhstan.