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Exemption on social payments from the wage-fund extended
In April 2020, the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan adopted a number of measures to support taxpayers, including the exemption of some business entities from taxes and social payments from the wage-fund.
Legal alert: Mongolia acceded to the Asia Pacific trade agreement
On 29 September 2020, Mongolia acceded to the Asia Pacific Trade Agreement (APTA) as its seventh member by depositing the instrument of accession after long negotiation and domestic procedures. Initially, Mongolia expressed its interest to join the APTA in 2009 . As prerequisite for the accession, it had conducted several negotiations with member countries (the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, the People’s Republic of China, the Republic of India, the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, the Republic of Korea, and the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka), as well as adopted the Law on Ratification of Asia Pacific Trade Agreement on 12, December 2019 . The Agreement will be effective from 1 January 2021.
Alert. Enactment of the new rules on issue of accompanying notes was postponed
The enactment of the new rules on issue of accompanying notes was postponed for the fourth time.
The law of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Public-Private Partnership
This Law determines legal conditions of public-private partnership, ways of its implementation, and regulates social relations arising in the process of preparation and implementation of public-private partnership projects, conclusion, performance and termination of public-private partnership agreements.
Public–Private Partnerships in Kazakhstan: Evolution of the Government Policy and Reality of PPP Deployment
This chapter examines public–private partnership (PPP) development in Kazakhstan from 1991 to the time of writing and reviews evolution of the PPP legislation and approaches used to create a PPP-enabling environment in order to draw lessons for the country’s future policy.
Personal Data Protection in the Republic of Tajikistan
As the use of the Internet and online activities have grown to be a major part of our lives, personal data protection becomes fundamental. The data protection legislation, therefore, must evolve along with the technical developments to address emerging issues.