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Changes in the Tax Code
Since 2022, it has been established that individual entrepreneurs providing services can apply the SST only in limited cases under the law. For example, tourism activities; health care activities; catering services; activities in the field of computer programming. Consequently, individual entrepreneurs providing other types of services (for example, advertising services, consulting services, leasing property) are not entitled to apply the SST and are required to pay income tax. If the individual entrepreneur performs works, then the SST can be applied without restrictions.
Legal advisor role on franchising project
People in the business world strive to be successful, profitable and most importantly not to go bankrupt. Nowadays, it is better idea to open a franchise rather than starting a new business. Franchising is a way of organizing a business, in which a business model has been already tested and proven to be effective in practice
Sale and Storage of Goods in Azerbaijan: Overview
The Law on State Assistance to Small Entrepreneurship No. 673-IQ dated 4 June 1999 aims to guarantee the right to freely engage in entrepreneurial and other types of economic activities. It sets out the forms and methods of state support for small businesses.
International Trade in Goods and Services in Azerbaijan: Overview
Azerbaijan's geographical location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia has contributed to the success of its trade policy. One of the main objectives of this policy is to expand and strengthen Azerbaijan's foreign trade relations. The Karabakh region, which was returned to the control of Azerbaijan in 2020, also represents an economic potential for the country.
Amendments to gambling regulations
The Law on “Amendments to the Law on "Lotteries"” (the “Amendment Law”) was adopted on 27 December 2021 and entered into force on 1 January 2022
Social Media and its Activity in Today’s Environment
By talking about public relations, the first thing that comes to mind is press releases, television news interviews, and newspaper articles. Public relations today is about more than disseminating information in the mainstream media. The latter still plays an important role, but it is no longer the only way of PR.