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Subsoil use contracts for “complex” projects
On 24 November 2022 Senate of the RoK Parliament has approved draft amendments to the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Subsoil and Subsoil Use”
Parallel import in Tajikistan
Parallel import refers to the import and sale of non-counterfeit (gray) goods without the right holder’s consent. In this case goods have been manufactured by or under the license of the right holder and therefore by all means are not counterfeit, but they are imported into a non-intended market, which is contrary to the intentions and interests of a right holder.
Relocation to Cyprus
There are many reasons for moving to Cyprus.  Expats and locals get to enjoy the Mediterranean climate on the island. Hot summers with temperatures reaching up to 33°C, contrasted by mild winters, sound like a Mediterranean dream come true. Even better, the sea temperature can be as high as 27°C at the height of summer, which makes a stay at the beach or a swim in the sea all the more enjoyable.
Legal regulation on mergers and acquisitions in Mongolia
Mergers and Acquisitions refer to establishment of a new company by consolidation of companies (Merger), or uniting another company by purchasing it (Acquisition) through financial transactions between those companies
The Insolvency Review: Kazakhstan
Kazakhstani legislation regulates insolvency of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. Insolvency of private individuals has been considered by local legislators since 2014 but has not yet been introduced.
Gambling sector in the republic of Moldova
The Moldovan gambling sector is regulated by the Law no. 291 of 16.12.2016 regarding the organization and conduct of gambling hereinafter Law no. 291/2016). It establishes the way of organizing and carrying out activities in the field of gambling, the rights and obligations of the game organizer and the player, the state policy in the respective field, as well as the restrictions on the development of this activity to protect the morality, rights and legitimate interests of citizens.