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Introduction of law of Mongolia on licensing
The State Great Khural (the Parliament) approved the revised version of the Law on Licensing on June 17, 2022 and shall become effective from 01 January 2023. Member of Parliament H. Gankhuyag worked as a leader of the working group on this draft law
Land Rights Acquisition by the investor
In accordance with legislation of the Republic of Belarus, there are several (both general and special) options for obtaining rights to a land plot by the investor. In this article we give a summary of the options for the construction of commercial real estate by legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.
General aspects regarding the VAT regulation in the Republic of Moldova
This tax is of major importance not only for the state, as the main source of budget revenues, but also for VAT payers. In general, VAT administration is a complex thing and involves increased effort and attention for entrepreneurs. Another important aspect of that tax is the nature of its recovery. The possibility of recovering VAT is an important tool in managing a business because it has an important share in the costs of the products and services provided.
Main comments regarding the ra law "on non-cash settlements" entered into force
From July 1, 2022, payment for a number of transactions, including for the alienation of goods and property, for the use of goods and property, for the performance of work and the provision of services, as well as for transactions for the payment of passive income, for obtaining or issuing a loan from organizations or individual entrepreneurs, where one of the parties is an individual, and where the transaction amount exceeds 300,000 AMD, is to be implemented in a non-cash form.
Summary of law on asset appraisal
According to the Resolution No. 06 of the Economic Standing Committee dated January 26, 2021, a working group headed by Kh. Bulgantuya, Member of Parliament was established to prepare for the discussion of the revised draft of the Law on Asset Appraisal and draft supplementary laws that were submitted together with it.
The Renewable Energy Law Review: Kazakhstan 2022
The Renewable Energy Law Review provides an in-depth overview of the policies, legal structures and state of play in the renewable energy industry globally. It offers a wide-ranging guide to the legal frameworks and current status and challenges in structuring, financing and investing in renewable energy projects in key jurisdictions worldwide.